The Following is a sample Pet Agreement that will need to be filled out at check in.


Ecola Creek Lodge

Pet Agreement & Registration


Pet Owners Name: __________________________________________         Room # ____________

Dates of Stay: _________________________     Breed of Pets: ______________________________

Pet Name(s): _________________________________________________________________________

As the Owner/caretaker of the above named Pet(s) I agree that my Pet(s) are gentle, well domesticated and have no vicious propensities. Please, No puppies!

I agree that my Pet(s) will not be left unattended in my room at any time, and will remove them from the room during ‘housekeeping service’. If my pet cannot be removed during this time, I will arrange with the housekeepers to return at a more suitable time when we will be away from the room.

While my Pet(s) are in any Public space outside the Lodge I agree to keep them on a leash and supervised, or in a carrying container at all times as required by the Cannon Beach pet ordinance. Please don’t leave your pets in the car!

I also agree to walk & exercise my Pet in appropriate areas [i.e. the beach], avoiding private property and to clean up any messes my pet may leave behind as also required by ordinance.

Should my Pet(s) become objectionable or disturb other guests [i.e. barking]; I agree that I will remove my Pet(s) promptly from the Lodge upon request, if an acceptable compromise cannot be met. I also agree to cover the expense of reimbursement to any guest who was disturbed by my Pet(s).

I agree to pay the $17.00+tax nightly charge per Pet to Ecola Creek Lodge at the time of check-in.  Note: We allow a maximum of two smaller dogs or one large dog (90+lbs) per reservation.

I agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Ecola Creek Lodge, its owners, agents and employees from any and all liability related to any personal injury or property damage caused by my Pet.

I accept full responsibility for any and all liability claims, losses, costs and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees for personal property damage caused by my Pet, and Iagree to make reimbursement for such damages on demand.                      

Thank you for helping to ensure that all of our guests enjoy the Lodge’s peace and tranquility during their stay.


Signature of Owner: ________________________________________     Date: __________________


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